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Welcome to Fine Reports, the website of Ann Fine, a professional transport policy advisor with twenty-five years industry experience in policy-making and academic research.

Ann has more than 20 years’ experience of transport planning and policy development. Having worked in both central and local government, as well as other transport organisations, she is well informed about transport policy development and healthy streets in the UK and especially aware of the need to balance the priorities of sustainable transport modes. Ann is a forward thinker with a keen interest in future transport policy in the UK.

With her national and international connections, Ann is well-placed to offer advice and assistance in working with transport professionals from many countries.

Ann can prepare, review, edit and revise all types of reports and strategies, including:

Key Achievements

Transport for London - Ann developed the Bus Priority Mitigation programme for the Road Modernisation Plan including monitoring impacts; progress in delivery; and benefits achieved across the bus network. The Bus Priority programme won the Gold Award at the UK bus awards 2017.

London Borough of Harrow - Ann represented Transport Professional Services in developing and awarding five year £15 million contract (works and professional services). She received a Harrow staff award for this work.

Working for Michael Meacher MP, Shadow Transport Secretary, Ann prepared the draft Labour Party Transport Manifesto.


Ann is regularly required to meet tight deadlines and she is happy to entertain very short-term contracts and longer-term contracts as required.